Club Pacific Premier Terms and Conditions

Use of the Club Premier Pacific card or membership privileges constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Club Premier Pacific reserves the right to change membership benefits or the list of participating hotels without notice. Membership card is non-transferable and is not a credit or charge card. Membership is valid for a twelve month period effective from the joining date. Your membership card uses smart card technology to store your benefits. Your benefits will be loaded to your card the first time it is inserted into the Club Premier Pacific terminal.

The Club Premier Pacific membership card is the property of Heritage Hotel Management Ltd. Membership benefits will only be granted upon presentation of a valid membership card. The card must be signed by the member. The membership is valid until the expiry date printed on the card.

All benefits and CPP Awards are subject to availability. Benefits have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash. Intention to use a CPP Award must be stated by the member when making the booking. Whenever as CPP Award is used that Award will be electronically removed from the Member’s card by the CPP terminal upon check-in. Accommodation and dining benefits are not valid at Rutherford Hotel Nelson and The Devon Hotel New Plymouth. Membership benefits are not valid Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day or during special promotions or special events (such as the V8 Super Car Race, Rally NZ and major rugby matches). Please always check for availability of benefits when making a booking.

The Club Premier Pacific membership card is the responsibility of the member. Loss or theft of a card should be reported immediately to the Club Premier Pacific membership office. A fee may be charged for a replacement card. Cards reported lost or stolen will be rendered invalid for further use.

A member may cancel his or her membership by returning the membership card within two weeks (14 days) from the date of purchase. A refund of the joining fee, less an administration charge of $25.00 including GST, will be provided if the membership has not been used. There will be no refund of the joining fee if cancellation is received 14 days after the date of purchase.

Impact Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd collects personal information on behalf of Heritage Hotel Management Ltd. in relation to Club Premier Pacific. Impact Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd. And Heritage Hotels and CityLife Hotels are bound by the National Privacy Principals contained in the Privacy Act.

Should, for any reason, the Club Premier Pacific membership programme be discontinued, the Hotels included in Club Premier Pacific shall have no financial liability to the member. The liability of Heritage Hotel Management Ltd, their agents, officers, employees, independent contractors and/or third party suppliers is limited to an amount no greater than the membership fee paid by ay member as a result of, or in conjunction with, their membership.