40 winks with every stay

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, a good night’s sleep is paramount to your stay at a Heritage Hotel.

Being fully rested ensures that you will be alert, focused and energised for the day ahead. Which is why we take great care to ensure that the rest you experience at your home away from home is just as satisfying as in your own bed.  With the help of chiropractor Dr Simon Kelly, we’ve spent many sleepless nights researching how to bring you the best rest possible.  Our Sleepyhead Tranquil beds have been selected with care. There is a comfort mattress topper and we triple sheet on every one to ensure cleanliness.

We have also worked in partnership with Sleepyhead to select the most suitable pillow types which complement the Sleepyhead Tranquil bed and provide the perfect night’s sleep. The Sleepyhead pillows on our beds are the Classic and Lodge Pillows.


Whilst we are confident that the pillows we already have on our bed will provide you with the optimum sleep experience, we also appreciate that we all have our own personal preferences. We have therefore provided some additional pillow options. These can be ordered from housekeeping to stay rested with Heritage Hotels.

As we are all unique, our size, shape and sleeping position all determine the type of pillow we prefer to sleep on, should the pillows on the bed not meet your requirements. To help you choose the perfect pillow, we’ve suggested those that might work best depending on your style of sleep.



We worked for many months with noted Chiropractor Dr Simon Kelly to find New Zealand’s best beds for our hotels. We fell in love with the Sleepyhead Tranquil range. We intentionally selected this range for its postural support and snugliness. We hope you love it too.

If you decide you would like the same luxury at home, you can purchase from the Sleepyhead Tranquil bed and Sleepyhead pillow range at a special price exclusive to Heritage guests.

Please enquire on the Heritage website