Heritage Joins Beyond Skin Deep Amenity Bottle Recycling

Heritage and CityLife Hotels are delighted to announce they have joined Beyond Skin Deep, a soap and amenity recycling programme run by Starline Group.

Beyond Skin Deep by Starline Group is a New Zealand owned and operated soap and plastics recycling program for the accommodation industry. Their purpose is to save the single use hotel amenities otherwise destined for landfill and repurpose them. Used amenity bottles are collected, emptied and turned into fencing products by Future Post; the remaining product is also provided to people in need.

“I am delighted that we are able to work with Beyond Skin Deep to take what would otherwise be waste and turn it into an extremely valuable product for important primary industries to New Zealand,” says Graham Yan, chief executive of Heritage Hotel Management Ltd.

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Beyond Skin Deep creator and Starline Group director of business development, Brent Foster, is delighted to have the group on board. “We’re so glad the properties of Heritage Hotels have taken this responsible step. Not one more plastic bottle needs to pollute our environment; instead, they can be converted to useful, environmentally friendly and permanent products for our primary industries. Thank you!”

“The issue of plastic and product waste from mini amenity bottles is something we have been looking at for a while and we were excited to see Beyond Skin Deep develop further into plastic recycling to help combat this,” adds Graham.

“At Heritage and CityLife Hotels, we are continually taking steps to improve our effect on the earth. In July 2018, the group discontinued use of plastic straws replacing them with paper straws on request, which was well received by guests and staff alike.”