Healthy eating

Heritage Auckland is helping the environment and diner’s waistlines with our new healthy dining menu. The Healthy Menu in the Lobby Bar and vegan menu and vegetarian menu in Hectors Restaurant serve the healthiest, freshest meals in town.

They’re entirely plant-based, using locally sourced produce to reduce our carbon footprint, and to help local businesses and farmers.

Why plant-based? Studies have shown that everything the human body requires for excellent health can be found in plant-based foods. They’re free of cholesterol and low in saturated fat, but high in fibre and nutrients. Plus, far less land, water and energy are required to produce them.

But don’t worry, diners needn’t sacrifice flavour for the health benefits. Developed by our Executive Chef, the Hectors Restaurant healthy dining menu features a delectable range of dishes. Or pop into the Lobby Bar in the morning for fresh fruit juices or coffee made with soy or rice milks.

We’re also proud to be the first hotel to become a corporate member of the NZ Nutrition Foundation.

Here’s a few morsels from our new healthy dining menu:

Breakfast: Homemade granola topped with fresh coconut yoghurt & berry coulis

Lunch: Grilled mushroom & tofu wrap with turmeric root & thyme vegan pesto

Dinner: Charred eggplant with chilli, mint & tahini & kumara wafers