Maria Rynkiewicz – Front of House

Maria Rynkiewicz is a professional pamperer, although to put it like that is an understatement. Because there's a real art to what Maria does, and it's not something that can be taught or learnt from a book. Maria's strength, and why she's such a welcome face around Heritage Auckland, is her ability to understand each guest's individual needs.

Since joining Heritage over 10 years ago, Maria's impressed guests and fellow staff alike with her intuition: she knows her regulars intimately, even remembering the names of their grandchildren. She knows when to respect the privacy of our guests, but is always happy to have a chat when they are willing.

And she prides herself on her ability to not only remember the names and faces of each guest, but also things like how they take their tea, or how they like their eggs cooked. It's the little things that make for a more memorable and homely experience.

Of course, it’s important for us that Maria and her colleagues are looked after too. Part of their induction includes the “Suite Deal” – where they stay the night and are treated to the full guest experience. To ensure staff continue to understand the ins and outs of staying at a Heritage hotel, benefits also include 5 room nights per year.

And that, in a nutshell, is how Maria and our staff approach service: with a thorough understanding of each guest's needs, and with great attention to detail, to make sure you feel at home.