This is Jacky.

He welcomes thousands of guests, but focuses on one at a time.

Jacky Shih - Chief Concierge

Simply put, customer service is Jacky’s calling. He couldn’t wait to study Hospitality Management at AIT after college, and headed straight to the Pacific International Hotel Management School after that. It’s lead to over a decade of exceptional work in Auckland Hotels, including the last four years as Chief Concierge at CityLife Auckland. He’s one of only 20 New Zealand members of Les Clefs D’or, a prestigious international network of Concierges.

Meeting people from different regions and cultures, and finding ways to help each of them uniquely, motivates Jacky immensely. He lives for it. The ultimate is getting to know a guest so that he can be the glue between reception staff, valets, porters, restaurants, booking agencies and taxis, bringing everyone together to build a special experience. It’s part of the responsibility of being the first friendly face a guest sees. Representing the team and getting the Heritage experience off to a great start is a role that Jacky takes great pride in.

His warmth, insight and attention to detail are renowned and mean that many guests happily return to the hotel. There’s no greater compliment for him than having a satisfied guest return, and he has quite a few.

Feeling like you’re at a home away from home is Jacky’s goal. He hopes guests can relax, get to know staff by name and share a bit about their hopes for the trip. That’s when he can anticipate a guests needs and add to their experience by suggesting a few things they may not have heard of, special spots that only his remarkable local knowledge can reveal.

If you’d like to get the most out of your next trip to Auckland, without doubt, Jacky will be happy to help you.