Uniform Happiness

23 Nov 2016

Heritage and CityLife Hotels are introducing New Zealand landscape inspired uniforms for their entire hotel staff. So popular are the uniforms already, that some of the team held their own cat walk fashion parade in the Grand Tearoom of Heritage Auckland to model them.

“Our staff across the board are thrilled with the new fresh design of their uniforms. Knowing they will wear the garments with pride is great for everyone, “says Nicole Lawson, general manager of CityLife Auckland who project managed the new uniforms.

Heritage and CityLife Hotels are the largest New Zealand based hotel group, and so it was important to incorporate design inspiration from New Zealand’s own natural scenery and botanical colours in the creation of the clothing to highlight our ‘New Zealandness’.

“We worked hard on achieving a line that reflects the New Zealand landscape and sought to bring in colours of New Zealand’s natural settings. These appealing uniforms then become yet another part of the total guest experience, “adds Nicole Lawson

“We showed the uniform storyboard to some of our selected customers too for their direct feedback.  I am pleased to say we have achieved the right design of business-like but stylish apparel to represent our renowned hospitality to our guests each day.”

The uniforms, tailored to each department, from housekeeping to maintenance,  food and beverage, through to front office, will be introduced across the country this summer. To check out the team’s wannabe models on the fashion parade visit.