Plant-Based Dishes On Every Menu

Offering a wider range of exciting dishes that celebrate the flavours and nutritional value of plant-based food.

We are taking on an exciting challenge to create and offer a wider choice of delicious and nutritious plant-based cuisine in our hotels. This will acknowledge the changing tastes of society, and with the inclusion of more light, natural menu options, Heritage Hotels are leading the way with the reinvention of our hotel food offering.

When we say plant-based, we mean food derived from plants that are kept as pure as possible. It means preparing vegetables, fruit, herbs, beans and nuts in ways that retain as much of their natural flavours and nutritional value as possible. It is also about establishing relationships with suppliers who share our philosophy and have produce that meets our standards.

Our Executive Chef at Heritage Auckland’s Hectors Restaurant is leading the development of the plant-based dishes you will start to see appearing in our hotels. Hectors became the first hotel restaurant in the country to be accredited by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society.

We are excited about the initiative. A commitment to plant-based ingredients is a commitment to the health and wellbeing of our guests, and to environmental sustainability.