RAW Breakfast Rollout

Making Heritage Auckland’s wildly popular raw breakfast available to guests in other parts of the country.

In 2013, Heritage introduced the country’s first hotel based raw breakfast bar along side the extensive breakfast buffet at Heritage Auckland’s Hectors Restaurant. Guest feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, including a number of requests to introduce a raw breakfast in our other hotels. 

When our guests ask for something, we do our best to make it happen. So our popular raw breakfast options are set to appear at an increasing number of Heritage Hotels throughout the country.

Our raw dishes utilise a number of techniques such as preserving, pickling, compression, dehydration and sprouting to enhance the flavours of the ingredients, instead of cooking.  We source raw virgin oils such as olive and coconut. Raw agave nectar, organic goji berries, organic dates, raw coconut nectar and occasionally stevia, replace artificial sweeteners. Marlborough sea salt and raw coconut aminos replace soy.  We sprout and grow the grains and seeds we use in a number of dishes. The oats we use for our bircher muesli are unsteamed and raw.

The outcome is food that is brimming with nutritional value, is easier to digest and that maximises the natural flavours of its ingredients. It means our guests can start their day of activity on a fresh, delicious and energising note.