More Seasonal, Local Produce

Showcasing the strengths of the regions surrounding our hotels, in tune with the seasons.

We are determined to better showcase the distinctive strengths of New Zealand’s regional produce in our restaurant menus. We have hotels throughout the country, each with unique landscapes, coastlines and climate. The ingredients we use will reflect those differences more and more.

Our relationships with local producers enable us to create mouthwatering menus based on regional flavours and seasonal changes. We can offer guests a more unique experience, featuring thriving local seafood, game, fruit, vegetables, wines, beers and juices that truly reflect the character of the region they’ve chosen to visit.

Our Chefs have increased confidence in the traceability of ingredients when they see suppliers regularly and can visit them at the point of production. And with a shorter distance to travel from the source, the food is handled less and is hitting your plate sooner, resulting in supremely heightened flavour.

Supporting local businesses and local economies also helps build more prosperous, vibrant regions surrounding our hotels for our guests to enjoy. This means we are supporting a future in which sustainable and unique foods can become more affordable for everyone and ideally the norm.