Art's & Culture

Dunedin is renowned for its diversity of galleries and commitment to the arts. The Dunedin Public Art Gallery is a must visit and is free for visitors, but beyond this are plenty of other spaces: OLGA, Milford Galleries, Quadrant and The Artist’s Room are just a few. Or check out Art Explore for a walking tour around the arts precinct.

If your budget isn’t up to buying a new piece of contemporary art in any of the galleries, then you’ll love the vintage and retro shops of Dunedin. You’ll find them throughout the city and will love rifling through the beautifully curated stores and the everything-in-together stores to find treasures. Check out Preservation Society, Finders Keepers and if you find yourself in Port Chalmers don’t miss the treasure trove that is Box of Birds.

Bookshops are another Dunedin shopping treat - check out Scribes on Great King St or Dead Souls Bookshop for hours of pleasurable browsing. And if books and writers are your thing, time your visit to align with the Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival in the second week of May - the festival includes an exciting guest list of New Zealand and international authors.