Sight Seeing

Continue your outdoors adventure on foot or by bike. Dunedin is a great city for cycling around due to its size and lack of too many hills, and there are a number of mountain bike trail networks in the surrounding countryside, including perhaps the most famous: the Otago Central Rail Trail - 150 kilometres of golden landscapes with historic gold mining sites and country pubs aplenty on the way.

It’s also very easy to find an amazing spot to walk and take in the views in Dunedin - popular trails include the iconic Organ Pipes, the Pineapple Track, Bethunes Gully and even the Dunedin Town Belt, or check out one of many walking tracks on the Peninsula. Dunedin also has stunning wild beaches both in and out of town. The closest to central Dunedin is St Kilda and St Clair beaches just 15 minutes’ drive out of town - this area is popular with swimmers and surfers in summer.

There are cafes and bars along the esplanade for seaside dining, and at the southern end of St Clair Beach is the St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool, an open-air public swimming pool just metres from the ocean making for a special swimming experience. Beautiful Tunnel Beach is a magnificent spot to visit too - it’s a 20 minute walk to the beach with a sandstone arch and cliffs all around.

A Body Of Water With A Mountain In The Background