15 Oct 2015

Heritage Helps Raise Funds for Hamblin Trust.

The Heritage Hotel Group supports sponsorships that are consistent with our business and marketing objectives.

Recently we were sponsor of a not for profit trust that raises money for spinal research here in New Zealand.  The Hamblin Chiropractic Research Fund Trust (Hamblin Trust).  Its goal is to raise and disseminate research for the Chiropractic profession to boost the health and promotion of the New Zealand public.

The trust’s chair Dr. Simon Kelly is a long time supporter of the Heritage Hotels and provides guidance on the use of beds and pillows to Heritage. His expertise has been invaluable in helping us understand the inherent connection between wellbeing and quality of sleep.

The Hamblin Trust recently ran a Research Month in July where Heritage branding was throughout the Chiropractic offices of New Zealand and patients from different chiropractic Clinics donated funds to Chiropractic research to how Chiropractic care assists in either:  Sports and performance, Pregnancy and Pediatrics, Aging and quality of life.

With the support of the Heritage Hotel Group, over $13000 dollars was generated.

As a sign of our support the front desk staff from the Chiropractic offices whom raised the most funds have won a weekend away at one of any of Heritages 15 destinations.  Pictured here are the prize winners from two chiropractic offices in Auckland along with Mr. Marcus Keenan (General Manager Heritage Auckland), Mr. Graham Yan (Heritage CEO), Dr. Simon Kelly (Hamblin Trust Chairman)

Dr. Simon Kelly, the trust’s chair said,  “without the generous support of Heritage Hotels the rewards for this effort would not have been possible.  Some of recent research we have funded looks at how chiropractic adjustments effect sleep, memory and brain function.”