8 Jul 2015

Heritage Queenstown Introduces Raw Breakfast Bar.

Heritage Queenstown has introduced a Raw Breakfast Bar to its daily breakfast buffet at Mackenzies restaurant.

No longer just a Hollywood celebrity craze, the raw food movement is finding fans amongst everyday consumers as more and more of us question where our food is coming from and what we put into our bodies.

Unprocessed and uncooked plant foods are the key component for the Raw Breakfast Bar concept. Nothing is cooked above 41 degrees Celsius as doing so can destroy enzymes and absorption.

“This initiative has been an opportunity to change the perceptions of hotel breakfast food. We are preparing food that retains its natural flavours and nutritional value and our guests are loving it,” says Donna Stewart, general manager of Heritage Queenstown.

Items on the Heritage Queenstown’s Raw Breakfast Bar include Bircher muesli with pipettes of raw berry coulis, raw granola, coconut ‘yoghurt,’ nuts and protein bars. Even raw cabbage linseed ‘bread’ is on offer.

The Raw Breakfast Bar is included as part of the continental and full buffet breakfast at Heritage Queenstown’s Mackenzies restaurant and is available between 6am and 10am Monday to Friday and until 10.30am on weekends.

Heritage Hotels, a hospitality industry leader in healthy and conscious cuisine, was the first hotel group in New Zealand to offer guests a Raw Breakfast Bar, launching the concept first at Heritage Auckland in 2013. The initiative builds on a company dining philosophy catering to a wide range of special dietary requirements and including sustainable plant-based menu options, called the Good Food Project.